Selected publications

  1. Unsupervised Cross-dataset person Re-identification by Transfer Learning of Spatial-temporal Patterns, CVPR 2018. [images] [code] [paper]

Full List

  1. Jianming Lv, Weihang Chen, Qing Li, Can Yang. Unsupervised Cross-dataset person Re-identification by Transfer Learning of Spatial-temporal Patterns, CVPR 2018. (CCF A类会议)[paper] [code]
  2. Min Cheng, Qing Li, Jianming Lv, Wenyin Liu, Jianpin Wang.Multi-Scale LSTM Model for BGP Anomaly Classification. IEEE Trans. Services Computing,2018. (SCI 期刊)
  3. Jianming Lv, Qing Li, Xingtong Wang. Modeling Trajectory as Image: Convolutional Neural Networks for Multi-scale Taxi Trajectory Prediction. IEEE BigComp 2018.
  4. Jianming Lv, Xintong Wang. TREST:A Hadoop based Trajectories Retrieval System. IEEE ICDSC 2016.
  5. Min Cheng, Qian Xu, Jianming Lv, Wenyin Liu, Qing Li, Jianping Wang. MS-LSTM: a Multi-Scale LSTM Model for BGP Anomaly Detection. IEEE ICNP 2016. (CCF B类会议)
  6. Jianming Lv, Haibiao Lin, Zhiwen Yu, Yinhong Chen, and Can Yang, Identify and Trace Criminal Suspects in the Crowd Aided by Fast Trajectories Retrieval, In 19th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications (DASFAA), 2014. (CCF B类会议)
  7. Jianming Lv, Tieying Zhang, Zhenhua Li, Xueqi Cheng. PACOM: Parasitic Anonymous Communication in the BitTorrent Network. Computer Networks, Vol. 74 Part A, pp.13–33. 2014. (SCI 期刊)
  8. Jianming Lv, Zhiwen Yu, Tieying Zhang, Towards An Immunity Based Distributed Algorithm to Detect Harmful Files Shared in P2P Networks, Accepted by Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications. Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications.8(1), pp49-62, Jan. 2015. (SCI 期刊)
  9. Jianming Lv, Chaoyun Zhu, Shaohua Tang, Can Yang. Deepflow: Hiding Anonymous Communication Traffic in P2P Streaming Networks. Wuhan University Journal of Natural Sciences. Vol. 19(5). 2014.
  10. Haibiao Lin, Jianming Lv, Can Yang, Miaoyi Deng, Kaitao Wang. GPS Trajectory Mining : a Survey, Journal of Computational Information Systems, 10(16), 2014.
  11. Jianming Lv, Jianwen Chen, Can Yang. PACS: Parasitic Anonymous Communication in Peer-to-Peer streaming Network. Journal of Computational Information Systems. Vol. 10 (3) 2014.  
  12. Jianming Lv, Can Yang, Kaidong Liang. GRACE: A Gradient Distance Based Peer-to-Peer Network Supporting Efficient Content-based Retrieval. International Conf. on Soft Computing Techniques and Engineering Application, 2013.
  13. Tieying Zhang, Xueqi Cheng, Jianming Lv, Zhenhua Li and Wiesong Shi, "Providing Hierarchical Lookup Service for P2P-VoD Systems", in ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications (TOMCCAP), Vol. 8, Issue 1, No.15, Feb. 2012. (SCI 期刊)
  14. Jianming Lv, Zhiwen. Yu, Tieying. Zhang. iDetect: An immunity based algorithm to detect harmful content shared in Peer-to-Peer networks. In International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics (ICMLC), vol.2, pp.926-931, Guilin China, 2011.
  15. Tieying Zhang, Jianming Lv, Xueqi Cheng. Mediacoop: Hierarchical Lookup for P2P-VoD Services. In 38th International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP), pp. 486-493, Vienna Austria, 2009. (CCF B类会议)
  16. Siming Lin, Xueqi Cheng, Jianming Lv. Micro-synchronization in conservation parallel network simulation. In 22nd ACM/IEEE/SCS Workshop on Principles of Advanced and Distributed Simulation(PADS), pp.195-202, Roma Italy, 2008.
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  19. Jianming Lv, Xueqi Cheng, Qing Jiang and etc. LiveBT: Providing Video-on-demand Streaming Service on BitTorrent Peer-to-Peer Systems. In 8th IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing, Applications and Technologies (PDCAT), pp.501-508, Adelaide Australia, 2007.
  20. Siming Lin, Xueqi Cheng, Jianming Lv. A Visualized Parallel Network Simulator for Modeling Large-Scale Distributed Applications. In 8th IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing, Applications and Technologies (PDCAT), pp. 339-346, Adelaide Australia,2007.
  21. Xueqi Cheng,Jianming Lv,Zhaotao Zhou, Full-text information retrieval based on Peer-to-Peer networks, Journal of Computer Research and Development, 2004(12).
  22. Jianming Lv, Xueqi Cheng. WonGoo: a pure peer-to-peer full text information retrieval system based on semantic overlay networks. Network Computing and Applications, 2004.

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